About RuMapps

RuMapps is a co-operative project between the territories of the four Local Action Groups of the Region of Murcia. Apart from Integral, Sociedad para el Desarrollo Rural, co-ordinator of the project, the LAG Campoder, Vega del Segura and Nordeste de la RegiĆ³n de Murcia also participated, including 31 of the 45 municipalities of the Region of Murcia.

The principal aim of the project, financed by the regional ministry of agriculture of Murcia, within the framework of EAFRD of the EUROPEAN UNION, is the design and creation of applications for smartphones and tablets that bring the rural areas of the Region of Murcia up to date with the latest attractions in the tourist areas.

It is intended to act as a link to the enhancement of resources (social, historic and cultural) in the rural areas of the Region of Murcia, adapting them to their needs, as well as a tool for the visitor, allowing him/ her to enjoy, to the full, its resources and to discover valuable items in the area thus increasing his/ her experience.